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Who we are

We enjoy our work and activities, and feel joy, when others get to see, feel and taste the enthusiasm we carry with us in everyday doings.

“I walked through the gray-seguse world through the rain, which sends Estonians in spring, summer and autumn, to find shelter in those large limestone buildings, that seemed to offer protection. Suddenly I found myself in this folky-pub atmosphere with grandiose interior, smelling something familiar, fresh brewing aromas – malt and bitter hops – mmmmmm, there is a Brewery here! You should have seen my face – smile so childish, so sincere, you could see the joy in my soul. This fresh scent has sent me through childhood, when my grandfather was brewing his own Porter. And now… I myself am an enthusiast, beer enthusiast – as the saying goes fashionably. I was offered hoppy and orange-flavored Wheat beer, intriguingly tasting Nipperkin – which name receiving story itself is worthy of named a novel – it was said to be Port wine resembling beer, which women found to be particularly good. Other beers coming from that brewery were – Pilsner, Stout, Bock, Light and Dark Lager, and a herb Beer – but the last of them was said to be seasonal. They were offering mostly Estonian food, coming from domestic raw materials: For appetizers, I was given pickles with honey, the first course was wild mushroom soup with barley, followed by pork shank braised in beer with sauerkraut, fried potatoes and broth – the opulence! And how unexpectedly pleasing it is to try the recipe, which in making of the dish, has used one of the products from the brewery!

Koch Brewery – in the heart of Tallinn, next to Sea gates!

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